About Us

Our Mission: We are the homeowner’s guiding light in their darkest hour.

Our Vision: We are America’s short sale solution.

Significa Corporation is America’s Short Sale Solution.  Founded in Gilbert, Pennsylvania in late 2005, Significa initially processed short sales to buy properties for investment purposes.  In 2008, a real estate agent who had just sold a short sale listing to Significa asked the company to process his other short sale listings.  Soon, other agents began asking Significa to help them negotiate short sales.  In 2011 Significa moved to a larger facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  The company has developed a proprietary system that helps buyers, sellers, agents, and banks work successfully to complete short sale transactions.

At Significa Short Sales, we understand the needs of real estate agents involved in short sale transactions.  Multiple members of our team are REALTORS®.  We have found that banks like to negotiate with licensees, as we are bound by a common Code of Ethics and we possess extensive real estate knowledge.  We have also found that agents like to work with us because we are sensitive to their needs.

Significa knows short sales.  You name the situation, and Significa has dealt with something like it. Significa has closed short sales that have involved the following unique situations:

–       The seller has not one, not two, but three mortgages.

–       The buyer absolutely, positively had to buy it the next day.

–       The sellers were divorcing and would not talk to each other.

–       The buyer and seller would not talk to each other.

–       The 2nd mortgage wanted more money than what the 1st mortgage stipulated that they take.

–       A new lien appeared on the title just days before the settlement.

–       A Sheriff’s Sale had to be stopped to allow the short sale to occur.

–       The bank’s negotiator quit and the bank could not find the file.

–       The property was burned on the inside and the bank only conducted an exterior Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) and therefore did not know about the damage.

–       The seller died after the short sale approval was granted but before the buyers purchased the house.

–       The seller stopped paying for heat and the frozen pipes burst the day before the sale.

–       The seller was thrown in jail and had to sign paperwork from the prison.

–       And many more unique situations!


The Old Model of Closing a Short Sale:  Many real estate agents shun short sale listings, which does not help their clients and does not make money for the agent.  Some agents take on short sales and find that they are in way over their head, as they may not even know the definition of a short sale.  Many agents refer their clients to an agent in their office who takes the short sale listing, but the problem is that the referring agents do not receive the benefits of the listing.  They do not receive the buyer leads, nor do they personally help sell their client’s house as the other agent handles the short sale closing.

The Significa Model of Closing a Short Sale:  Significa’s short sale closing system allows the agent to list the property for their client while Significa processes the short sale.  The agent does what they do best – procure a buyer.  Significa does what we do best – negotiate a short sale in a timely manner.  A Significa Short Sale Director (SSD) works with the listing agent to ensure that the prospective seller is a good candidate for a short sale.  Then the SSD collects the necessary paperwork from the seller while the listing agent focuses on selling the house.  The SSD uploads all the documents into Significa’s proprietary online system, and Significa’s processors and negotiators go to work.  The seller, listing agent, buyer agent, and buyer all receive automatically emailed updates on the progress of the short sale negotiation.  Significa helps create certainty for people in transactions that are inherently uncertain.  We make the short sale buying process simple.

Our History

September 23, 2005

Initial meeting between Ezio Pavone, Tai DeSa, and others to discuss the creation of Significa Corporation.


November 2005

Significa incorporates in Pennsylvania.  The company builds out an office in the town of Gilbert.


January 2, 2006

Significa officially opens for business.  Significa processes short sales so the company can purchase those properties.


October 17, 2008

Significa purchases another short sale.  Immediately afterward, the listing agent asks the company to process his other short sale listings even though Significa will not buy those properties.  Significa sees that there is a need in the market for short sale processing.


November to December 2008

Significa consults with numerous brokers, attorneys, accountants, sellers, and others to create a short sale processing business model that benefits sellers, agents, and buyers.


January 2009

Significa launches the first version of its short sale processing business model.  The initial version involves charging a fee to the seller.


May 2009

Significa closes the company’s 50th short sale.  Significa notices, however, that many sellers choose not to hire the company because they have to pay a fee.  Significa examines other ways to process a short sale without charging the seller.  Significa also realizes that the company should not be paid by the real estate agents in the transaction, as that reduces their income.


January 2010

Significa CEO Tai DeSa writes a Short Sale Training Course for two real estate schools in Pennsylvania.  This accredited course is then taught to real estate agents as part of their Continuing Education (CE) requirement.  DeSa personally teaches the course to dozens of agents.


February 2010

Significa closes the company’s 100th short sale.


July 2011

Significa closes the company’s 200th short sale.


October 2011

Significa develops an online, cloud-based computing system that dramatically increases efficiency.


November 1, 2011

Significa unveils a revolutionary new short sale initiative with additional benefits to the seller, including providing a real estate attorney for the seller at no cost.  The seller does not pay a fee to Significa.  The company is named the official short sale company of choice for eight offices of Keller Williams Real Estate.


February 2012

Significa develops a proprietary short sale processing software system that makes the short sale process faster and provides more updates to sellers, agents, and buyers.  Significa closes the company’s 300th short sale.


March 2, 2012

For the first time, Significa has over 100 files being processed at once.


March 27, 2012

Significa is named the official short sale company of choice for two more offices of Keller Williams Realty.


March 30, 2012

Significa is named the official short sale company of choice for four offices of Pocono Resorts Realty.


January 2013 – April 2014

– Large expansion in number of new Short Sale Directors who signed up with Significa

– Implementation of Sharefile – total online Document storage and tracking system

– Implementation of Realty Commander to streamline and increase processing efficiencies

– Established W5 Bi-Weekly updates as communication is key in a Short Sale

– Launch of Significa National Expansion

– Our First Regional Short Sale Director appointed

– Establishment of the Significa Compliance and Training Department

– Monthly Trainings for all Processors, Negotiators and Directors

– Record 30 New Files in one month

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