The bank won’t stop calling me. Should I talk with them?





We believe you should communicate with your bank on a periodic basis.  If you are behind on your mortgage payment, expect up to four phone calls a day.  You will also receive a lot of mail. 

It is unwise to completely ignore the bank.  If you do not communicate at all with your lender, they will probably put you in the category of the people who refuse to pay.  That is the worst category for you, as that means they will move the foreclosure process along as fast as possible. 

You do not have to answer the phone every single time the bank calls, but it is good to communicate with your lender at least twice a month.  If you are considering a short sale, tell the representative.  Ask them to send you the bank’s short sale paperwork package. 

If you are already attempting to sell your property, then tell the person on the phone about it.  Reiterate your hardship each time you talk with your lender.  If you are still occupying the property, tell the lender so they do not send someone over to verify occupancy. 

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