What are the Judicial Foreclosure States?

The judicial foreclosure states are:

–       Connecticut

–       Florida

–       Hawaii

–       Illinois

–       Indiana

–       Iowa

–       Kansas

–       Kentucky

–       Louisiana

–       Maine

–       Nebraska

–       New Jersey

–       New Mexico

–       New York

–       North Dakota

–       Ohio

–       Oklahoma

–       Pennsylvania

–       South Carolina

–       South Dakota

–       Vermont

–       Wisconsin

In a judicial foreclosure state, the mortgage lender must go through the courts to foreclose on a delinquent borrower.  There will be notice, a hearing, and eventually a court order for a foreclosure if no other solution has been agreed upon by the parties.  Judicial foreclosure generally takes longer to process than a non-judicial foreclosure.  Some non-judicial states like North Carolina do allow for a judicial foreclosure in the event of a contested or disputed foreclosure action.

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