Sheriff Sale: Stayed versus Continued.

In each Pennsylvania county, a monthly Sheriff’s Sale is held to auction off properties facing foreclosure.  A property scheduled for a Sheriff’s Sale could potentially be “stayed” or “continued.”  If a property is stayed, it means that the court order requiring the property to be sold at auction has been cancelled.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the owner paying off the entire balance, a loan modification being reached, or a short sale agreement being negotiated.  If the owner’s objective is to avoid the foreclosure auction, then they would prefer to hear that their Sheriff’s Sale has been stayed versus continued.


If a property is “postponed” or “continued,” it means that the sale of the property has been rescheduled to a future date.  The Sheriff’s Department and/or auctioneer must declare what date the property will again be placed up for auction, which in many cases is the following month’s Sheriff’s Sale.

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